Once a popular vibrating bed system often found in motel rooms during the fifties and sixties, running on quarters which you fed into the metal box near the head of the bed, ostensibly for relaxation but more commonly understood by adults to be for enhancement of a woman’s sexual experience.
As a kid traveling from the mid west to California with my parents, I would always need at least ten quarters worth of Magic Fingers to settle myself down after the long and boring couple of hundred miles on the interstate each day.
by Dr Bunnygirl November 10, 2019
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ADJ. describing someones finger abilities. One whom has "Magic Fingers" can supposedly make girls moan for hours(this is not yet proven). They usually tend to think they are good at basketball, have a lot of dandruff, that they're stronger than you, are better than you, and will make it farther in life than you. They usually are said to have "A Magic Tongue" also, which is less talked about.
Person1: Hey, did you use ur magic fingers last night on that girl?
Person2: Shut up, come see me on the basketball court or in the gym. I'll still make it farther in life than you.
by Mayjack March 07, 2008
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The event ,during a attempted action of fingering a girl, when the fingerer is not able to locate the "hole" of the recipient. Sometimes, in addition to this, the term may also include the fact that the favour was not returned.
Although the night was initially fun, The magic fingers kicked in and the action was spoiled.
by Maidzz September 03, 2014
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The finger a girl uses to masturbate with. plural form would be magic fingers.
Mary: yeah i was masturbating last night because i was just so wet
Dave: oh, so which finger is your magic finger?
Mary: Left hand, middle finger.
by DS magic touch December 01, 2011
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When performing sexual intercourse, a man is turned on so much, he feels confident enough to shove his finger into his partners anus, causing much pleasure.
"Dude Jigar gave me the magic finger last night when we were doin it."

"Sweet, can I try?"
by Thomas Butzow September 24, 2008
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A "disease" that a male has, where he is very talented with his fingers on a girls body.( Especially in the area down below) 2. One who can turn a girl on very easily.
The boy I was with last night must have had the magic finger disease! He really turned me on with those magical fingers!
by thrustinjustin October 10, 2010
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