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Derogatory slang for a Dalit-Dravidian man, emphasising the Afro-Dravidian descent & Afro-Dalit characteristics of most Non-Brahmin South Indian males. The female version of this term is 'Madrasi Niggeress'.

Commonly used across the former Protestant-British Empire (incl. North India, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Britain, Canada, Australia & the West Indies), the term is reflective of deep-rooted Dravidophobia & Shudraphobia: "British racism against darker-skinned Indians fitted neatly with similar prejudices held by light-complexioned, high-caste Hindus, who, not infrequently, dismiss dark-skinned Dravidians of the south as 'niggers.'" - 'War at the top of the world: the struggle for Afghanistan, Kashmir, & Tibet' Eric S. Margolis. NY: Routledge, 2001, p 157.

The popularity of this term among Indo-European & Oriental males is often based on Dravidian Penis Envy or Shudra Penis Envy, & is fuelled by sexual rivalry with Shudra-Dravida men for the favours of Caucasoid-Mongoloid women.
1) RSS Brahmin: The Madrasi Nigger is a born criminal & cannibal!

2) Chote Mian: Budoo, I haven't seen your bibi (wife) for a long time.
Bade Mian: Chotu, she ran off with a haramzada (bastard) Madrasi Nigger thief!

3) "Quite different are the cult-followers of South Indian descent - the Madrasi of the French Antilles and a few localities in Trinidad and Guyana. Dark-skinned, of Dravidian rather than Aryan origin, most Madrasi are treated as low caste or outcaste in the Caribbean. 'Madrassi and Nigger is de same ting', was one Trinidadian's scornful reaction to her new son-in-law, although both were not only East Indian but Christian." (`West Indian Societies'. Amer Geog Soc research series, vol.26. David Lowenthal. Oxford: Inst of Race Relations & Oxford Univ Press, 1972, p.152)

4) "In the nineteenth century Europeans commented upon the blackness of the southern Indians, often in perjorative terms. ... Sometimes {South} Indians were also referred to as 'niggers'; &, sarcastically, as 'sable friends' & 'gallant black sons of Mars'. - 'The haunting past: politics, economics & race in Caribbean life' Alvin O Thompson. Oxford: James Currey, 1997, p 231.
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza September 23, 2012
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