A absolutely beautiful person. I mean everyone is beautiful but this one is special. She usually has chest length platinum blond hair, green eyes, around 5'1, big boobs, phat ass, skinny waist. She likes to shop at nice places and likes meeting new people. She gets along with everyone as long as you don't piss her off then she will speak her mind and tell you off. Gets comments made about her height a lot but is still so damn adorable! Super loyal and sticks to one guy. Hates being lied to and cares for everyone
Random guy: damn did you see her ass?
Me: yeah! Her name is Madison, she knows like everyone!
Random guy: I'm gonna try to get with her
Me: I wouldn't. She has a boyfriend and they are so in love and loyal to eachother
by Okagaca January 23, 2016
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A madison is the best person you will ever meet! She is the best for a friend and is great to hook-up with! I have personally had one and they are the best friend I could ever had! They get SUPER moody though. Its easy to tease them. They get mad at you and act like a bitch but they get over it one way or another, you just have to keep pushing. They are usually in their teens with orange hair and short. The like to party, but only with their friends. They usually tend to be quiet and social at different moments, but my person Madison is a huge nerd. They tend to go for the nice and OK looking guys, but not ugly she is way to good for that shit so if she calls you a bitch or anything try not to mind, never let go.
Damn that Madison is AWESOME <3
by Holy_Crab_Apples December 12, 2015
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A Shit ass town on the Connecicut shoreline that is way over priced. Like prep411 said everyone there thinks they are better than the rest of the world when in fact most of them are the lowest life forms this world has to offer. Just because they make a good income makes them no better than anyone else. On top of it they are all pussies except if you want to count those dumb fucks who all got caught doing steroids a few years ago. The girls there will perform any sexual act under the sun for a line of blow too!! They are rich yet too cheap to buy their own, what the fuck? Fuck Madison, move to Guilford!!!!!!!
Madison is for a bunch of rich fucking snobs with nothing better to do with their lives than become country club rats
by Noneofyourfuckingbusiness March 26, 2007
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a girl who is a bitch sometimes but mostly is a beautiful person and likely very pretty and indeed sexy AF
madison, SEXY BEAST
by nikki jackson November 23, 2011
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That evil cousin who is always laughing maniacally in the backroom.... she'll steal your spoons if you don't watch out. She cannot be trusted under any circumstances.
Guy Cousin: "What's that noise?"
Girl Cousin: "Sounds like a witch's cackle..."
Both Girl and Guy Cousin: "Madison!"

Madison: "Look its a penguin!"
Girl Cousin: *looks where she pointed* "I don't see anything." *Turns back around* "DAMN IT MADISON! WHY YOU STEAL MY SPOON?!?!"
by Cousinisaspoonstealer May 29, 2011
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