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A decently sized town nestled right inbetween Mentor and Ashtabula. mostly known for its abundance of nurseries, fast food restaurants, pharmacies, and the local wal-mart. There are also many tell-tale signs if you've lived in Madison. For example: going from the township to the village is like crossing the mason-dixon line, you've ever heard "blood makes the grass grow kill, kill, kill!" at a football game, or if on any given day you see at least 5 members of you graduating class at Wal-Mart. People here are under the common misconception that they are gangsters or hillbillies, but once you get past that they're some sweet people. All in all, its not that bad of a place to live, we just need something to do on weekends.
"Madison, Ohio, that's the exit with the carosel, right?"
"yep thats us!"
by quadularzeetz September 06, 2008
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