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The most beautiful person in the WORLD, she generally loves everyone, and certain people are loved in different ways.... She has two-to-six crushes at once, and is usually very modest. She is very susceptible to other people saying rude things about her, though. And, true to her name, she has VERY blue eyes, like rainwater... though the true color of her hair is arguable, as it depends on the season and which truth she feels like telling. Also, she usually goes by Maddy.
other dude: Yeah, her name's Madeline Rainwater.
Madeline Rainwater: *flips hair and speaks shyly* Hi...
first dude: *faints*
other dude: omg, let me capitalize your name, WE DON'T DESERVE CAPITAL LETTERS, BUT YOU DO!! *capitalizes the M and R in name*
by Maddyrain9 April 27, 2012
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