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Madeline Grace is a beautiful young woman who is not afraid to speak her mind. She has a lot of friends and loves to be silly with them. She stands up for herself and others always. She never lets someone tell her what to do. She is a gorgeous usually with blue/ green eyes and wavy brown hair. She is true to herself and catches all the boys eyes 👀. They all hit on her but never tell her they think she’s beautiful. She loves music, books, writing and sports like basketball or volleyball. She is a smart woman who is a beautiful human being.
Boy: “Who is that girl? She is gorgeous!”
Friend: “oh that’s Madeline Grace, are you gonna ask her out?”

Boy: “ I would but she’s to good for me”
by marchforourlives180 May 30, 2018
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Madeline is usually very cute, with freckles, brown hair etc. she is super smart, and has a lot of hobbies like Art and Music. She’s very passionate, and can be a bit dramatic. But she is super humorous and her smile is very contagious. She is always loyal and is very social. She is usually fairly Classy and is absolutely beautiful, though she doesnt admit it. She’s shy around adults but crazy with her friends. She talks NON STOP but that’s what makes her so charming. She has very old fashioned taste. She loves animals and babies and always enjoys making new friends. She is very talented and has a gorgeous voice. She’s extremely serious when it comes to her morals and beliefs. She has never been one to change or shift her opinions based on what other people think, and always makes it her goal to stand up for what’s right. She can be very mature sometimes and other times can be fun and a bit obnoxious. She is a strong, smart, talented, beautiful young lady who deserves a lifetime of happiness.
“Madeline Grace is such a little WhipperSnapper!”
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by It’sMeBeech:) December 27, 2018
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