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When someone imitates or impersonates another person (real or made-up person), namely on social media, just to spy on their crush, an estranged relative, past friend(s) and other sorts of people, either to see what they're up to or to lust over them. To put it simply, if you create a fake account to spy on a few people, you're a Mad Eye Moody Eye.

This is based on the Harry Potter character Moody Eye in The Goblet of Fire, who was actually Barty Crouch Jnr impersonating him to spy on Potter and see what he is up to.
- My ex left me and married another. How should I catch up on him on social media when his profile is private? :(
- Just make a fake account and pretend you're a local priest or some politician from his favourite party and add him, hon.
- Oh, that's a good idea. Very Mad Eye Moody, huh? :P
by Aquarii May 27, 2019
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A physical ailment, usually exhibited by the overly tired or the extremely drunk, wherein one eye of the sufferer seems to wander aimlessly while the other eye remains fixed on the target of interest.

This unfortunate condition is typically environmentally induced and should not to be confused with the naturally occurring 'lazy eye' attributed to weak eye muscles.

The term refers to the Harry Potter character named Mad Eye Moody who possessed one magical eye that could scan the surrounding for Death Eaters, including above and behind the wearers line-of-sight.
"Your sister has a bad case of the 'Mad Eye Moody'. I can't tell if she's looking at me and it's freaking me out!"

"I could tell she was a novice drinker because she was all 'Mad Eye Moody' after one beer."

"After driving straight through from Indy to Orlando, I was more than tired....I was 'Mad Eye Moody' tired!"
by Blonde Stranger September 04, 2009
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