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A fatal brain disease in cattle that is also known as Bovine Spongiform Encephalitis (BSE). It is caused by harmful proteins called prions, and the symptoms are similar to Altzheimers, because the brain basically turns into a useless sponge.
Originally, Mad Cow was a brain disease in sheep called scrapie, but was eventually transferred to cows by some fucking cheapass farmers who saved a few bucks by mixing sheep brains in the cattle feed, knowing damn well that cattle are herbivores. Humans who eat Mad Cow beef develop a similar brain-wasting disease called Creutzfeld-Jakob disease.
As for the Mad Cow scare in the U.S., the cow that was tested positive for the disease was STILL sent to the slaughterhouse and its meat shipped out two weeks before the story made it to the news. And every step now taken to prevent the disease from spreading to humans may be too late because there may have already been hundreds or thousands of Mad Cows that have been slaughtered, chopped up, purchased by consumers, eaten, digested, and metabolized. Oh well. It's only a matter of time before some of us start to drop dead from Mad Cow disease.
But on the other hand, Mad Cow disease may also be a hoax because there are also confirmed cases of non-beef eaters, vegetarians, and vegans who have died from diseases that are very similar to Mad Cow.
by sarcastic December 25, 2003
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Something all those bitches have on that TV talk show,"The View" Especially Star Jones, that big fat-ass sloppy chicken eating she-male and also that fucking Joy Behar, who should be shot for simply being the most stupid cunt ever.
Stay away from the View, I heard you can get Mad Cow Disease from watching it!
by Stern-a-holic May 10, 2004
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A disease suffered by a fat chick who are so diguested with herself she cockblocks any guy from talking to her attractive friend(s). Fat women who suffer this disease for long periods of time will develop a permanent pissed off demeanor look on their face. They possess chubby perma-frown cheeks resembling a bulldog's jowls.
I was trying to mack on this hot chick and this fat bitch with madcow disease came over and shit all over my game.
by Patrick_B June 17, 2008
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Waking up in the morning to the sad realization that at last night's party you were seduced by a crazy, fat female. You had sexual relations with her and in the morning you woke up crazy.
"...dude last night I was at jimmy's and I banged some fat chick, I got mad cow disease this morning.."
by Bigsby May 02, 2008
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An Alcoholic Shot containing half Hennessy, and half Worcestershire Sauce (preferably Lea & Perrins.)

After you shoot it, your throat feels like it's going to be really harsh, but it doesn't. It nicely goes away, leaving you craving more mad cow disease.
Yo, grab the lea & perrins and the Henne, I wanna do a shot of mad cow disease!
by TZ November 28, 2004
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Also known as Bovine Spongiform Encephalitis (BSE). It affects the brains of cows, and somtimes sheep too.
I wish curry would get mauled by a cow with mad cow disease
by Evil Tim September 20, 2003
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