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Origins: University of Michigan dorms

A game where the participants swing from the toilet stall doors and attempt to place a turd into the bowl while swinging back and forth. 2 points for a turd landing in the toilet. Negative (-2) points for turds landing on the floor.
The students had a great game of Mad Bomber going in the dorm lavatory, but when they awoke from a drunken stupor on Monday (with varying degrees of hangover) they were appalled at the stench. So they opted to use the women's lavatory until the women got annoyed and drove them out by swinging their hairdryers as a sort of bolo weapon at the invading males. It wasn't pretty.
by Luigi January 14, 2005
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someone who enjoy's blowing stuff up or is semi obsessed with explosives. more so like a pyromaniac
yo dude, did you see what he did, yeah man he's a total madbomber
by boondocksaint247365 June 25, 2005
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