A contest in which two or more people try to solve the same problem or achieve the same goal with what they have readily available to them. Also known as a MacGyver Face-Off.
Jon and I both tried to find our own ways to fix his broken engine without an Auto-Repair shop in sight, but his Paper Clip/Rubber Band combo won our MacGyve-Off.
by LedChelsea August 29, 2011
Having sexual intercourse with a woman in a body of water, and a fish comes up and nibbles your anus.
Jamie was telling Bobby how having sex with his girlfriend in Lake Winnipesaukee turned into a Fuzzy MacGyver when all of a sudden a fish came up and nibbled his corn hole.
by Just one of the Fuzzies July 31, 2013
A dirty MacGyver is a man or woman who use everyday random house hold things and or knick knacks to masturbate with. Though a "dirty MacGyver" is not your every day run of the mill Tom or sally, while poor Tom or sally are stuck to the daily chore of Dick in the vacuum or or a cool cucumber in the vagina your "dirty MacGyver" is coming to the rescue with some far more creative masterpieces of the masturbation. See examples below
Kat is such a dirty MacGyver hear this. She made a dildo with a piece of bed post a pair of thongs two possiblythree rubberbands and a condom

"Schmidty. You are a dirty magyver man you'll use any thing to make a pocket pussy ie. Rubber ball (deflated), rubber bands (several), wallered out dildos the list goes on exersize equipment in combination of a container of your choosing. That's what's up"
by Pussyliquer October 29, 2017
When one uses household objects, tools, and unconventional objects to get his girl off. i.e. milk i.e. hamper i.e. flyswatter i.e. WD-40 i.e butter i.e vegetables. The trick is they cannot be used solo and have to create unthinkable success of a home-run magnitude.
I heard Shanasty wailing in ecstasy and flapping like a cat in heat from her tent at the campout--Raul totally Macgyvered her with that Marshmallow encrusted road flare attached to a battery powered Winnie the Poo toothbrush shaft with Double D batteries...then he made the emergency reflective blanket into a make shift condom with an asparagus rubber band and it was fire-breathing GO TIME!
by Dirty JJJ March 12, 2011
Inspired by Matt Damon's line in the movie The Martian where he has to "science to shit out of it" to survive. Technically and more accurately he MacGyvered the fuck out of it.
When you have fixed something without the right parts or equipment be proud to say "I macgyvered the fuck out of it!"
by Ozzi Yob January 10, 2017