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MaTered Dogg is a dumb ass faggot that thinks the S.A.S is a fucking SWAT team. he makes shity sniping montages on YouTube and thinks hes good at infinite warfare. he also thinks his mom is a millionaire just because she bought him a PS4 and a TV. speaking of electronics he tells everyone that he has a $10,000 gaming PC but in reality its just a microwave with a motherboard, CPU, Graphics card and some wires. AKA a $300 PC. he also thinks that %99.99 of songs are gay. last thing is that he thinks hes in a hacking group called "anomanus" but its a cheap knockoff of the real group called "anonymous" and he uses a fake hacking website and he thinks hes actually hacking. he is so fucking madered
hey matered dogg your so FUCKING maderd
by XxToxicScrubxX June 01, 2018
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