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(vulg) Afrikaans commonly used curse between South Africans. Translation meaning ' your mother's cunt'.
by Dirty Saffa December 07, 2010
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A very popular derogatory slang South African term, literally meaning "your mother's vagina". Used across the board to insult someone (more so their mother) or to express anger at and individual, situation or item.
More often than not it is a quick way to provoke someone and a sure way to cause a fight.
Sometimes shortened to just "your ma se...", which is just as effective. Or even expanded as in "jou dubbele ma se poes".....
Also heard often when someone hurts hurts themself, e.g stubbing your toe....."Eina!! Ma se poes!! That hurts!!
Jan: Hey Dirk, your ma se poes!!
Dirk: What did you say about my mother? I'm gonna fuck you up!!!
Spectator: This ma se poes guy wants to fight. I'm sick of these ma se poes nights out!!

by Serpent Tongue August 31, 2006
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