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1. The worst president ever in Taiwan.

2. One who runs the country the country with his mouth, literally, he's always on the news eating or spreading lies.

3. Won the presidential election through lying and cheating.

4. Calls himself "Chinese" and seeks closer ties with China. Get out of Taiwan asshole you are such a disgrace and shame to Taiwanese.

5. A fatass.

6. A lazyass.

7. A dumbass.

8. A failure in life.

9. Defined a whole new meaning for useless.
1. On the news reporting injuries and deaths caused by hurricanes and other natural disasters. Numerous countries offering assistance upon requests. No, let's pull a Ma Ying Jeou, eat like a fatass and not give a damn.


A: "Is there anything you are going to do for the country?
B:"No, I don't know..."
A:"Is there anything you are going to do for the people in the country?"
B:"No, I don't care..."
A:"Oh wow, you are such a Ma Ying Jeou"

Fuck you Ma Ying Jeou.
by TaiMei December 13, 2010
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