a decent channel that plays mostly reality shows like real world and such. for those of you who think its made to brainwash kids then watch another channel. your too closed minded just cuz you think all they play on mtv is rap. they have all kinds of shit on the channel and its better than vh-1 where they have a bunch of washed up celebrities on a show talking about their childhood, and complain about the lives of celebrities still making million. people complaining about what they show on mtv, i would call you close-minded, but most of you are brainless anyway since you cant change the channel.
music television, yea maybe at 6 in the morning. lots of good shows though
by jizz-osh January 08, 2005
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yeah, well sorry, but mtv is a good channel. welcome to 2005 bitches, tv isnt for music anymore, its for shows. want to see music videos? watch mtv2 or mtv between the hours of 2 am and 4 pm. thats plenty music right there. and the reality shows? amazing. real world, road rules, real world road rules challenge, real world road rules battle of the sexes 1 and 2, my super sweet sixteen, laguna beach, made, everything else that is right with the world. excuse me but how can a tv channel kill music? i believe that was the corruption of the music industry which essentially runs mtv. so take your whiny-ass problems to geffen and columbia and def jam and whatever. go watch some real world.
turn on mtv right now. you'll enjoy what you see.
by spamee February 21, 2005
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This is one of the best music video channel out there (next to fuse). It would be better if there wasnt so much rap but that is beside the point. All of you people who think that this has ruined american music, get over it. this IS american music. and all you people who i am pretty sure just called me a fuckhole, YOU my friend, are the true fuck hole.

as for all the reality shows, have you ever watched viva la bam or punkd or jackass?? obviously not fuckhole!
Hey, I could spend hours watching MTV and fuse, thinking about all of those fuckholes who dont like it.
by SRL September 26, 2004
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I don’t care what you think, mtv IS the worst thing to ever happen to music
by V Kookie October 10, 2018
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