A "music" channel that used to be good back in the 80s and 90s with veejays then in the modern day they lose their jobs for no reason. In the 21st century, MTV became worse to today. MTV is also sexist to men.
Guy 1: I used to be a veejay for MTV but I lost my job now I work at Walmart.
Guy 2: That really sucks.
Guy 3: MTV sucks anyways and is sexist.
by fakename06 March 26, 2017
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A channel that used to be cool because it played music for all tastes (metal, pop, rock, rap, electronic, etc.) as well as music related shows (Making the video, Behind the music, TRL, etc.). Now is restricted to pop and hip hop and no particularly talented artists. Since the late 2000s, music represents around 5% of its content and the other 95% consists of shows regarding knocked up teenagers and the very worst of the U.S. society (a.k.a. Jersey Shore) who get paid thousands of dollars just for getting drunk and behaving like idiots.
MTV programming nowadays: Jersey Shore, 16 and pregnant, Teen Mom, etc.
by Mazmorrero January 05, 2012
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WHAT HAVE THEY DONE??? Okay, so MTV basically takes every band that we love, and ruins them. If we discovered this awesome band, then MTV will take that band and make sure that all of the wrong people love it, and they can completely ruin it for you. Bands like Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, All American Rejects, and The Killers have been ruined by MTV. Don't get me wrong, I still watch MTV all the time, but what were you thinking??
Girl#1: So I was searching on Myspace and I found this awesome band called The Killers.
Girl#2: Yeah, that's pretty awesome
MTV: So Here's a new band that is a pop style that is spreading the nation featuring the new single, "Mr, Brightside"
Girls #1+2: EW....WHAT HAS MTV DONE??
by Miriam<333 September 25, 2006
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When used as a verb, is meant to say that the subject or person has changed in every sense but its name.

It has lost all of its previously endearing characteristics and alienated people who remember its original cause.

It causes confusion when the name builds an expectation that is betrayed quickly.
I can't believe Taco Bell MTVd on us and started serving only quesadillas. (this did not actually happen)
by someguywhomadeadefinition July 19, 2011
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A stupid cable channel that preteens watch because they think it makes them cool.
Preteen 1: I was just watching MTV today!
Preteen 2: Oh my gosh, your like so kool!
Preteen 1: I know!
by MusicianChick April 12, 2006
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A TV network that rewards spoiled brat teens with their own shows.
MTV went from My sweet sixteen to 16 and pregnant.
by Explosm359 July 17, 2011
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A reason of teen preggo-ness
When me and my new gf were driving back to LA from San Fransisco, I said I hated MTV, she said she loved it. Yup, that bitch walked home.
by qwertyface June 10, 2011
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