Music TeleVision. It is a chanel that unfairly catches criticism from both bible belt conservatives, who say it is imoral, and from obnoxious teenage "communists" who wear Che Guevera tee shirts but can't distinguish between Vladimir Lennin and John Lennon. The second group says it is capitalist, prepy, and materialistic.
MTV has problems, not for it's image, but for it's musical tastes which have realy gone downhill. With the possible exceptions of Outkast, Eminem, Kanye West, and Green Day, not a single act currently on MTV is going to be remembered ten years from now. It's full of strip hop and emo.
But in all fairness, MTV has had it's good moments. It gave Guns n' Roses their first big Break. It called extremely heavy attention to Nirvana (admittedly a mixed blessing), and got the Prodigy attention. Besides, I know it's strange to imagine a time when Jacko was big, but heard of thriller? That was all MTV.
MTV's gone downhill, but they sure used to rock.
by king of canada August 07, 2006
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A media group comprized of people that read Alternative Press(Greatest magazine ever) to steal good(to great), original styles and bands and demoralize it to the idiotic mass that watches it. Aka, the television station that tried and is still to this day trying to demonize emo to a steriotype of middleclass white kids wearing all black and listen to AFI and cry and cut wrists. Also known for making the godawful Avril LaPoser famous.
Aside from See You Sunday, Beavis and Butthead, Jackass, Rob & Big and publishing The Perks of Being A Wallflower and a few other good things, MTV has made the entire US populations IQ at least 40 points lower.


shutter shades used to be cool, but now that d-bag Kanye West wears them
by MakeSomeWhat March 17, 2009
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music telivision. back in the day,(80s)would air some pretty kickass music. has headbangers ball.HAD beavis and butthead. turned from music videos to a chanel promoting orange people, getting pregnant to get famous, and other corporate bullshit.
" theyre used to be a way to STICK it to the man. it was called rock and roll. but wait.oh no. THE MAN ruined that too,with a little thing called MTV!!!" -Jack Black
by keepskatin'bro May 30, 2011
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A channel on tv originally called MTV to stand for Music Television. They used to play music vidoes and be bad ass. But today they are MTV and it stands for Maternity Teen Televison. They only play shows about knocked up teenagers, drunk partiers, or teenagers with kids. No more music.. If only it was still the 90's
I watched 16 and Pregnant then Teen Mom then the Jersey Shore with a pregnant Snooki on MTV the other day.
by Truther Teller November 20, 2012
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a cable music channel that has been bought by the religious right. haven't you been paying attention?
Now kids actually have to go to black clubs for black music since they can't see it all on MTV.
by anonymous March 07, 2005
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