gay, stupid, asswipes who ruin music for the world and fuck bands over and also piss me off!! i hate fucking mainstream everthing!
KID1: hey did you guys hear panic at the disco on mtv the other day?

KID2: yeah, we should totally get into them and pretend to know everything about them. oh and we should also go to their concert!

KID1: sounds awsome.

********** mean while *********

ORIGINAL PANIC FAN1: man, we just missed out on tix. they were all gone when i got their.

ORIGINAL PANIC FAN2: damn, they're like our favorite band ever. ever scince they became mainstream like fall out boy, they screwed their real fans over!

by rhys-indie4life October 08, 2006
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Megacorporate Television. They don't have any actual artists, only talentless whores like Britney Spears and My Chemical Romance.
by your Lord and Savior August 26, 2007
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is/was a Music Network that considers songs&Artists "New" once they become mainstream. Music is then "Killed" or overplayed by either or Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, American Eagle.

More Lost than Gained in this Music industry.
2005- *Hey there delilah* was released as Plain White T's third single
2007- In August Mtv Would now Own Plain White T's for this "new" song.

RIP Fall out boy, Metro station, PLain White T's, Boys like Girls... to name a few.
by Kris10heyfeeeee September 03, 2008
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A television channel that used to be good, until evil cooperators took over and thought that everything should run THIER way, in the world of Next, and Made, and whatever crap they have on now. If you live by the rules of mtv, you must

Be gay/fruity
Preppy and hate your parents, blonde and have big boobs
Emo ''everyone hates me''

mtv is very pathetic indeed
I knew Shayla was watching too much mtv when she dyed her hair blonde and asked her mother for a boob job
by Kristin and Kristen Company November 08, 2006
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MTV is a channel created in 1981 with the intent of "creating a generation" accordng to the producers. they did just that, a drug adddicted, lazy generation with no direction who all want to have sex with eachother and spread STDs'while they snort some more coke. "VH-1" was created in 1985, you now know it as "VH1" (no hifen thingy). MTV is overley dramattic and for people who are still vergins jacking off to beonse' videos. theres to much about black people, real black people dont act like that i know many of them and this is from a white boy in the "westside". it gives people a false reality and i really dont want to watch homosexuals, gays, quere, faggggs! or whatever you want to call them... make out on national television!!! turn your channel over to VH1 or atleast CMT for the cowboys.... save a horse ride a cowboy ;)!
my old girl friend used to force me to watch MTV on the phone with her for hours on end. i broke up with her, blocked MTV and only watch VH1 now
by andrew sunkthepunk July 09, 2005
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A televison channel dedicated to brainwashing America's youth.
It is supposed to be about music, yet they play reality shows like the Real World (which has nothing to do with the actual real world) and only show music videos at 5:30 in the morning. Any sensible human would not wake up that early to watch some retarded rapper talk about his "bling bling" and such. If you want to become an extramely dense retard and think that beauty is the only thing that matters, keep watching MTV. If not, block that channel.
Hey, I saw that girl doing the nasty in the shower with some random guy on MTV last night!
by Chumley the Psycho Kitty August 18, 2007
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MTV- "Its all about the money and the way you look" "look at my crib its better than yours"
by ***emo__queen*** July 16, 2008
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