Destroys music and brainwashes little kids and turns them into perverts and basketcases and makes them grow up to be miserable,selfish,vain,shallow adults (if you can call that "growing up")
Mtv was NEVER any good EVER.The "only" good show Mtv ever had was Beavis and Butthead.In the entire History of Mtv I've only seen about 10 good videos.
by Korn sucks December 20, 2003
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As described previously 'The antichrist, the reason music is dead'. They used to show Ok music up until recently when they've become more concerned with episodes of 'Pimp my ride' and re-runs of 'Newlyweds'. If you watch MTV you are no better than that 3 month old ribena stain on my carpet.
Fag: HeYY DooUde!, Did YoU see th4T t0Tally roXXor E9120De of PiMp My Ried?

Me: No, Fuck off.
by Citezen:Erased March 23, 2005
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An extension of BET.
Sorry folks, if you want to see quality programming on MTV, you have to rewind all the way back to the early and mid 80's!
by Scorpion January 18, 2005
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Why todays youth are so stupid and ignorant. MTV told them rap and punk "music" are cool. MTV told them being "ghetto" is cool. MTV brainwashes everyone too young to understand just what corporations are trying to do. Look in any high school in america. MTV tells kids to have sex at a rediculously young age, drink large amounts of alcohol, and talk shit about everyone the second they turn around, also the reason so many teens do drugs and drink alcohol. Makes teens think they are tough when they roll up in their shitty cars blasting "fiddy" or whatever is cool that week. Makes "being cool" the most important thing/ MTV says if your not cool you should be dead. Also, has resulted in the popularity of stupid internet accesories such as AIM napster and myspace, why? because having a lot of "friends" is "cool" and you dont want to be "uncool"? do you? MTV is also the leading cause behind teen pregnancy.
By the way, im a teenager and im not a punk or ghetto fag or anything shitty like that im REAL (unlike the real world). Some people need to wake up and smell the crap.
by The last real teenager August 23, 2005
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MTV- Music TeleVision. An American cable station that’s central goal is to brainwash America's youth. instead of playing music, it plays "reality" shows that tells teens and kids to be spoiled, make fun of smart people, exploit overweight people, marry only for money, that having the vocabulary of a 3rd grader is ok, be prejudice toward people of different races and sexual orientations, dress like a slut or a gangster, always be concerned about what others think of you, to be promiscuous, the only way to be thin is to throw up your lunch, neglect people who don’t listen to rap music, people who aren’t rich are worthless scum, and to make anyone who has a sense of individuality an outcast of society.

the reason why modern music is on the verge of extinction.
guy 1: did u watch real world last night?

guy 2: u fucking prep. u still watch MTV?
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e April 16, 2006
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Money To Viacom

A brand which was purchased by Viacom in the late 1990s, which was also around the same time MTV's complete identity began to change, leaving viewers feeling alienated from something that was once a big part of their lives. Generation Xers complain and write harsh negative definitions about this brand on urbandictionary, and they are all pretty much accurate. The only reason we don't see huge rebellions against the current MTV is because most Generation Xers are too old to really care anymore, and the younger generation doesn't know any different so they accept it.
Person 1: I want my MTV.

Person 2: Hop into this time machine and I'll transport you back to 1993.
by P.A. March 07, 2005
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