A market scheme by the evil corporation Viacom, Inc. (one of the five television channel owners in America). It's all commercials. Not a frame goes by on this channel without it advertising something.
Did you see that way awesome show on MTV? It was so awesome. In fact, it was so awesome I want to go out and buy stuff.
by Pauly Tamale December 19, 2003
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Television station that convinces everyone your lifestyle and clothing choice is a reflection of what music you listen to. They have recently decided to do nothing but embrace the world through pop culture eyes and stop trying to simply supply the masses with some tunes without biased selection. This wouldn't be that damn bad if they only didn't run it into the ground with a network that oozes a pure and utter conformity plan that will suck the life out of every person who genuinley wants to be an individual.
Girl 1: What are you watching?
Girl 2: MTV!
Girl 1: Didn't they used to play music on that channel?

<i>"what to wear, what to eat, what to feel, what to think, how to act, how to speak, insecure, incomplete."</i>
by julieeee May 13, 2005
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"What are you watching?"
"Oh MTV"
"Um you mean RTV. There is no channel that plays Music Videos 24/7, real music."
by Ludivine September 17, 2005
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A G-d awful network that must be purged off the airwaves. It is like VOA for stupid pre-teens and teens who want to see videos controlled by MTV's controlled playlist which is carefully controlled by JIVE and Capitol so nothing that isnt shitty pop will ever be shown. The network does come up with good animation series, but prematurely takes them off to twist your nads a little.
I have lost what little respect I had for MTV since those bastards cancelled 3-South. FUCKING PRICKS!!!!!!!!
by Not so super DJ Gennady February 23, 2003
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A network full of whiny conformists who tell you what's cool and not cool because it's cool
Hello we are MTV we tell you what's cool and uncool, you can't decide that for yourself because that would be uncoll and you're not uncool are you
by Hellion July 20, 2004
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a bunch of "ghetto" rappers who never actually lived in the ghetto, their just a bunch of rapping "ghetto" clowns who say they've been through a rough time with drugs and shit, classic rockers are the real deal.
whiney bastards who live in the "ghetto", actually rich pansy's who say they lived in the ghetto
by Gary Coleman; Charles March 16, 2004
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