A channel that turns America's teens into mindless fuckholes who group themselves in large masses and scream whenever they see one of their dumbass pop idols come out. Constant exposure to MTV has been known to turn guys into fags and girls into dykes. The most accurate record of this is when the slut Britney Spears kissed the bi Madonna on the MTV music awards and officially became a lesbo, although thousands of 50 year old crusty men beat their meat to it.
My girlfriend watched so much MTV that now she goes to SpringBreak each year and takes 100 cocks a day.
by TruthHurts October 06, 2003
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The most disgusting, filthy, and degrading channel ever to have existed. (At least in more recent years.) The nature of MTV's shows tend to glorify the blonde-haired, blue-eyed, over-tanned, Californian aesthetic, that of which is more often than not, accompanied by an extremely ridiculous lack of intellectual quality. They exploit this aesthetically-fitting persona to its narcissistic audience that loves nothing more than to surround themselves in their own pathetic auras, namely, that of their identical friends and the stars of MTV's supposed "reality" shows. For this reason, MTV fans watch in awe as blonde girls say the word "like" precisely 52 times in one scene. Fans enjoy watching people just like them shop, gossip, and degrade themselves on national television. Fans enjoy watching (and thus making the shows possible)these over-privileged, melodramatic teenagers complain about how much their lives suck, when truth be told, at that exact instant, millions of real people are dying of starvation and poverty. It is a shame that these super-stereotypical people are worthy of their own shows and it is an even bigger shame that the once righfully-named Music Television chooses to produce shows of such a nature. But perhaps the biggest disappointment of all is in humanity and its truly enigmatic interest in such brain-washing trash. MTV is a waste of electricity.
MTV makes me sick, as do those who watch it.
by theminorityspeaks September 21, 2007
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MTV should be against the law, they call themselves music television and they don't even play music, they have shitty shows like Cribs and when I thought they couldn't get any lower they pulled out a show call My Super Sweet 16 out of their asses, the worst show on television to date.
If other places acted like MTV
-Hello is this the pizza parlor?
-Can I have a pepperoni pizza?
-Whoa, whoa, we don't sell pizza, we sell racoon hats and eyepatches, if you're hungry call a book store.
by arrogant bastards r us May 27, 2005
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We have an additional hour of nude hijinks from spring break after these commercials for Disney, Snickers, and Big Wheel.
by X. Raraavis September 05, 2003
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1. A TV channel that has ruined american music forever.

2. A channel that has no tollerance for good music.

3. Play a majority of music that wasn't even written and/or preformed by the group.
How much worse will MTV make music today?
by Mike Sullivan December 15, 2003
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A channel that uses nothing more than advertisments and retarded reality tv shows.(except for The Osbournes)
by Alex Clark January 05, 2004
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A television channel that has the nerve to call themselves music television and music is the only thing the don't play.
when they do play music it's crappy rap like mike jones,missy eliot,and lil jon.
MTV=suckalicious shows like hogan knows best and the real world.
Fuse=The only music channel on TV that plays music.
by supercellchaser September 12, 2005
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