Acronym for My Life Is Average, the nerdier and more entertaining version of Fuck My Life.
Today, I got a new phone and someone called saying my son was say profanities in class and making rude gestures towards the teacher, they gave me the phone to talk to "James" I told him to keep up the good work. I don't have a son. MLIA.
by I'm just that guy April 17, 2010
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An acronym for "My Life is Average".

A site that parodies FML, where people post their "average" stories. The format consists of posting the story, and then putting the acronym MLIA afterwards.

Lately, many of the comments on the stories by members are people complaining about the site isn't "average" anymore, but instead full of funny stories that actually make people laugh.

Apparently these people are stupid and can't accept change. Maybe they need to move out of their parents' basements and stop dragging society down with their shit.
Today at school, my friend went into one of the large storage cupboards. When he came out a few minutes later, I asked, "How was Narnia?" Without missing a beat, he replied, "Hogwarts was better." MLIA.
by Shit, Son January 06, 2010
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An acronym for the website, My Life Is Average. MLIA posts are written about dailey life in the Kingdom od Average ruled over by the incredibly fair, kind wizard, Harry Potter. It is located next to Narnia, a country the people of Average have exceptionally good relations. They have such good relations with Narnia that they helped Narnia in the battle of Narnia, resulting in citizens of Average often randomly yeslling out, "For Narnia!" It is a known fact that MLIAers despise those from the kingdom of Twilight which is ruled over by the evil, corrupt king Justin Bieber and his queen Rebecca Black. So on the site MLIA, rude but exceptionally truthful remarks can often be found about Twilight and it's rulers. A fact to be noted about the citizens is that most are really secretly ninjas, so it is not wise to insult one. The kingdom of Blank and its website DBPB is among divided opinion among the populace. Overall, Average is a truthful, jolly, and wonderful place to visit as can be seen on the website. Though, unfortunately, enemy spies occasionally sneak onto the sight and post dreadful and untrue stories. Fortunately, that is a rare occurance and the Kingdom of Average remains a wonderful place to visit.
Today while visiting my grandfather in a nursing home, I saw an elderly man drinking from a pepper shaker. MLIA

Today, I was outside walking my dog. I saw a guy walking up the street. He was very muscular guy and he was wearing a short, sparkly dress. His friends were walking behind him taking pictures.I asked him why he had on a dress and he said that he lost a bet. I took a picture with him. MLIA
by maskofevil May 30, 2011
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A once-great website about average everyday tasks.

The first few posts were actually average (examples below), but now nothing that anyone ever posts is average. I think people are mistaking the A for awesome.

Every MLIA talks about the following topics:
-Harry Potter
-People finishing songs that other people are singing
-Chuck Norris
-Reading things with a British accent
-"Funny" directions on packaging
-"Funny" laws
-Pirates vs. Ninjas
-Google vs. Yahoo!

And similarly, every MLIA post ends with one of the following:
-Life. Complete.
-Best. _______. Ever.
-New favorite _______? I think so.
-I regret nothing.
-I'm still confused.
-I still have questions.
-This kid is going places.
-I love ______.

Basically, you could write some bullshit story about Harry Potter and slap one of those totally original endings to it, and people will think you're the embodiment of Jesus Christ.
AVERAGE post: Today, I briefly considered getting car insurance, before realizing that I didn't want to deal with it at the moment. Then I had some trail mix. MLIA

RETARDED post: Today, one of my friends told me to go to Google and type in 'finding chuck norris' in the search box and click 'i'm feeling lucky.' When I did, the response was 'Google won't search for Chuck Norris because it knows you don't find Chuck Norris, he finds you.' Best thing ever? I think so. MLIA.

Can you pick out the average one? I sure fucking can't!
EXTRA CREDIT: Figure out which one hasn't been done 9000+ times to win a fabulous prize.
by XileLord December 10, 2010
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A website that used to be funny but lost its creativity and now entirely consists of posts referring to one of the following:

- Ninjas
- Harry Potter
- How bad twilight is
- How bad Miley Cyrus is
- College students being entertained by coloring books and toys

Expect every single post to either end with "I regret nothing", "Best. Friend. Ever.", or "New best friend? I think so."
"What's mlia?"

"A website that used to be funny but isn't anymore."
by patob91 February 19, 2010
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My Life Is Average
A website that used to be funny, but is now just a bunch of people talking about ninjas, harry potter, hating twilight, building forts, google vs. yahoo wars, etc. If you go to the last page, you can actually see average stuff, instead of lots of stories people with no friends just made up that aren't even average.
Today, I wore a "TEAM VOLDEMORT" shirt to Eclipse and made a 12 year old girl cry, saw old people dancing, had a lightsaber battle with a 6 year old at wal-mart, then went home and slept in my fort. MLIA

^^ typical MLIA submission
by iamaverage August 22, 2010
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Stands for "My life is average" and is used at the ends of posts on mylifeisaverage.com. Also an abbreviation for the website itself. There are two types of MLIA posts:

1) An actually average post. These post chronicle the actual things people do during the day, so that the average person can relate. Sadly, these posts are currently almost nonexistent. An example: "Today, I was surfing the web instead of working when I came across a link to MLIA. I sniggered, then looked guiltily around to see if anyone had heard. I don't think they did. MLIA."

2) A fake post. These posts are about people who have seemed to have mistaken "MLIA" for "my life is awesome." They usually have to do with Harry Potter, the word "epic," Yahoo versus Google, the phrases "Mind. Blown," and "I'm still confused," cool teachers, and stereotypes. They also usually aren't as grammatically correct as the average posts. They are usually funny, but once you've read a really average post, you hate them from the bottom of your heart. These posts have taken over MLIA. An example: "Today, after reading all of the other comments about the Google vs. Yahoo war I decided I'd try it out. I typed 'penguins are' into both of them. Yahoo says they are mammals. Google said 'penguins are my favorite sort of frogs.' Definate win. MLIA."
Some people commenting on an average post:

"Today I was pouring coffee and spilled a little on the counter. I wiped the coffee up with a paper towel. MLIA."

Fake post lover: This post is really average. It's not funny at all. This sucks.

Average post lover: The site is called "mylifeisaverage.com"; it's supposed to be average. It's in the name.

Fake post lover: But there are other posts that are really funny and awesome!

Average post lover: But those aren't AVERAGE. My teacher's never been tackled by the Cookie Monster. Has yours?

Fake post lover: No. So?

Average post lover: *facepalm*
by Segreto November 05, 2010
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