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An insult used to describe anyone, typically men, who follow or claim to be part of the M.G.T.O.W. movement that exhibit misogynistic attitudes stemmed from resentment of the modern Feminist ideology. In short, they are the mirror image of Radical Feminism, an anti-woman ideology made up of bitter men who blame all women for all their problems and display open hostility to anyone, especially females, who criticizes their views, ironically giving credence to the 3rd Wave Feminist ideology.
NiceGuy00001: I sent this one girl a message on Tinder yesterday and she didn't answer back, even though she's on Facebook right now. Fucking bitch! #fuckallwomen

GoodGirl00001: She might not answer back because she's not interested. Just move on.

There will be other women who would be more than happy to message you.

NiceGuy00001: Typical feminist POS. I'll bet you never message a guy back when he texts you even when he is interested in you. This shit is why I'm #MGTOW.


1. I'm not a feminist.

2. I thought that being MGTOW meant that you just want to abstain from romantic relationships, not to shit on all women and demonize them just because one girl was not romantically interested in you. Also, if you're mgtow, why are you trying to hook up with chicks on Tinder?

NiceGuy00001: STFU bitch. I hope you get raped whore.

NiceGuy00001 left the chat

GoodGirl00001: WTF was that??

CoolDude0001 joined chat

CoolDude00001: Don't mind him, he's just a MGTard. I already reported him. LOL
by Gladilay June 02, 2018
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