The people aka preppy white girls who only know time to pretend,kids,and electric feel
they heard these song on gossip girl know nothing what kind of music it is and think the are indie but dont know about climbing to new lows
girl hey i love mgmt

real taste in music : Oh i love we care

girl: what are you talking about

real taste in music : fuck you mgmt posers
by speloops May 13, 2009
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A fake documentary about the band MGMT. It is a joke. It does not exist.. unless those bitches at la blogotheque wish to release it but come on.. I'm getting old here.
Jane: Hey guys is Camp MGMT out yet?
by patrocia October 20, 2011
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26 mgmt. is a team of really hot dudes. Including Carter Reynolds, Nash Grier, Hayes Grier, and Cameron Dallas. These guys are viners who have a great number of fans. Even tho Carter is kinda hot, he gets in my flipping nerves. He is popular for dating a girl named Maggie and dumping her for not sleeping with him. Nash Grier on the other hand is a blue eyed hottie. He has over 10 million followers on vine for being cute and stupid. Hayes Grier is Nash`s little brother amd also has bedazzling blue eyes. But Hayes has more talent then Nash will ever have. Cameron Dallas is honestly my favorite because he`s hunk of something. Like *heart face emoji* Okay a short summery of these guys; they are hot but need talent.
26 mgmt needs talent other than being hot
by NOTAHATER January 13, 2015
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