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Note: A hater is NOT to be confused with somebody who doesn't like MCR because it's just not the kind of music they listen to. If you think that is the definition, you are just a hater yourself.

*An MCR HATER is somebody who looks up My Chemical Romance videos on YouTube just so they can post negative comments that, most likely, have NOTHING to do with what is going on in the video.

*An MCR HATER is somebody that says "They suck because they are emo! Go slit your wrists with all the other emo fags" and thinks it is a good reason to dislike a band...or anybody really.

*An MCR HATER is somebody who just can't accept that not everybody has to like the same type of music they like.

*An MCR HATER is somebody who probably found this and gave it a thumbs down before even getting to this point but kept reading anyways.
*An MCR HATER is somebody who is probably really pissed right now.
*An MCR HATER is somebody who probably knows a lot more about the band than the average person who just dislikes the band.
*An MCR HATER is somebody who gets satisfaction from people calling him/her an asshole.
MCR Hater Comment on YouTube: My Chemical Romance sucks! They are just stupid emo bitches! You need to listen to real music!
Everybody Else: Get a life.
by My Pseudonym Beyotch July 29, 2009
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