If you were a map of 19 shine, you were part of the best division at Kenwood Camp. Maps of 19 shine are absolute legends and undeniably the best MAPS ever. 20 woah cant compare and has some big shoes to fill. 18 great set low standards for 19 shine maps so it wasnt that hard to outshine them. Oh and to be clear, first session MAPS of 19 shine were the good ones. (no offense second sesh)
Corn, Tom, Suss, Lloyd: "OMG the MAPS OF 19 SHINE were the best maps camp has ever seen!"
by ifeelbetterwhenimdancing August 29, 2019
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Portugese fucker, he made a totally epic show called SSA, you should check it out.
A: Bro I heard Mars and pluto-dooto have drama.
B: Mars mapping better, redpilled, based, pluto no social credit + L + ratio + dont care + didn't ask
by ARGUMENT EXTENDER105 December 28, 2022
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I was in the middle intercourse, but then I had to take a shit. So I gave her a town map.

The name is derived from the way you open the vagina, to the way you open a map.
by 45 Degrees February 23, 2014
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a map that helps you locate bars where you could find a Westside Treasure or two (or three!)
I printed up a Westside Treasure Map for the bachelor party this weekend!
by Genetic Drift December 21, 2009
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zluks mapping is a type of mapping that is beyond comprehendible by common peasants.
"Hey have you heard of zluks mapping" "Yeah of course man but I don't really understand it" "I know, hes a god above all beings or something"
by zluks May 4, 2022
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soar mapping but worse :osuHOW:

aka zl mapping, zluks, zl_ks
"bro this aint even soar mapping 💀"

"yea this fukin zluks mapping"
by Soarosugaming April 30, 2022
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