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Broken down as:
LYSS: the name of this particular individual.
PUSSANDER: which is added on to merely show love.

Is defined as:
She's an amazingly kind, extremely gorgeous lady, whom you can't help but fall in love with. Her beauty is breath taking and her personality just seals the deal.

Facts of Lyss Pusssanders':
-They are pretty much sisters of Kayten Pussanders'
-They befriend types of people that are SluttyWhoreHoin'Prostitutes.

Most importantly:
Lyss Pussander's are important to have in your life, they help turn your frown upside down.
"Did you see that girl??! I swear she MUST be a Lyss Pussander!"
"Dude, I totally, agree."
by KAR_in-a January 12, 2010
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