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Lyon County High School (LCHS), or as the alumni of the 80s call it "Lick Crack Home Slice" is nestled in the middle of Hickfuckville, Kentucky, population probably 2500. Everyone knows who you are and who your parents are, (we're all related anyway) even if you've never heard of them. The students at Lick Crack can be sorted easily: jocks (we don't even have a football team; basketball players think they're the shit), VERY Christian, nerds/geeks (meme lords), band kids (very special people), potheads, and kids who you'll forget about immediately after you graduate.

You'll often here "YEEE HAWWW" bellowed from the most redneck of them. They'll be spotted dipping Copenhagen and reving their Chevy Silverado trucks (that daddy paid for) in the student parking lot behind the library.

The entire school has three hallways that intimidate all freshmen. (During graduation, it's a joke in every valedictorian and salutatorian speech)

You'll come to find that most of the teachers aren't bad at all, but some of them give homework every night, and some of them never let you leave class. Some will be hella chill and some will lose your papers and make you redo them months later after you've forgotten the material.
"Did you hear that Lyon County High School got ANOTHER Spanish teacher this year?"
"Good. The old one just played Spanish movies and gave us pop quizzes."
by GetThatOuttaHere June 14, 2018
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Lyon County High School
A place where many stuck up students fill the halls and you are in one of three categories. Pot heads, Juulers, or average blurs. In Lyon county if you don’t belong to FCCLA, FFA, basketball team (starters), cheerleaders, softball players, or baseball players. You are nothing. You have your average teachers pets which walk the halls whenever they please and never get in trouble for it. In the bathrooms you may or may not smell the smell of a 5% mint pod. Here at Lyon county you either chew baccy of you’re a cuul juuler. Once you’re labeled at Lyon co, good luck with getting rid of that label. Here at Lyon we are all about your labels. If you make your way into the classrooms be careful, some of the teachers may reek of alcohol. We a huge scale of diff range teachers. We have the drunk teacher, the over achiever, the clumsy one that loses all your papers while bathing, the basketball coach teachers, laid back funny teachers, sarcastic, and hysterical teachers. Oh and you can’t forget the teachers that leave their class to play about in the shop while they walk up the halls swinging their keys. If you would like to have more of a definition of Lyon co then move there. ( but I wouldn’t recommend it )
“Hey do you smell that, yeah it’s just a Lyon County High School student juuling.”
by Former high schooler May 20, 2019
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