Lynn University Slogan: I'm crazy. You're crazy. We're all crazy here.
Incoming Lynn University freshman on tour: Here at Lynndergarden, we accept all the crazies. Seriously, we've got every type of crazy you could dream of.
by Currlines October 10, 2011
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A small liberal arts college in South Florida, which has great learning disability support and lots of unique academic opportunities. It's a good school. It even held the 2012 presidential debate. Although admission criteria is holistic and isnt based off of only test scores, not everyone gets admitted.
Example 1:
Person 1: I am going to Lynn University
Person 2: Wow that sounds great that seems like a great school.
Example 2:
I didn't do well at Lynn university so I am going to go to PBSC, maybe I should have studied.
by Bearyfit art karate girl April 08, 2013
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Are you a complete idiot? Is your IQ that of a retarded turkey? This is the school for you. The campus is gorgeous, however it is full of the stupidest people you will ever meet. They let anyone in, so don't feel proud. You might make something of yourself after graduating from here, maybe. If you do, Im sure your parents bought your "success." If you are smart enough to recite the alphabet, than you are too smart to attend this school for retarded dumb asses.
Person 1 : What's Lynn University?
Person 2: The school for the stupidest kids in america

Friend: I got into Lynn dude!

Me: Congratz, you are the stupidest person I know.
by IHateyouall July 23, 2014
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A school in Florida that likes to think they are wildly elite. Shockingly, it has a 76% acceptance rate, deeming it a quite obvious safety school. While the delusional students boast on here about being so wealthy and elite, they seem to come from gaudy new money and will have to live off their parents’ for the rest of their lives. Why else would they be at such a non-selective school? If you aren’t at an Ivy League or at least a Little Ivy, or some other school that takes less than 40%, it’s time to rethink what elite means, Lynn University.
Lynn University? I applied there just in case I didn’t get into Williams, Swarthmore, Brown, or Dartmouth. Thank god I didn’t have to disappoint the rents by going there; Exeter was pricey.
by Whatspseudonym November 20, 2017
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