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A law in the UK affecting Uruguayans.

The law has 4 main elements

1- unlike the rest of the population, you are not innocent until proven guilty, and will be deemed guilty if a claim is made against you, even if by someone with a proven track record of lying and making false claims against people.
2- if a red nosed scottish git demands it, you'll receive double the punishment afforded to an Englishman for the same offence.
3- anyone is allowed to assault you at will without any "official" deeming there to be any rules or laws broken
4- even if you are not standing ahead of a man in a blue shirt, you will be deemed to be.
Wow, he nearly cut him in two!... oh, hang on, no, it's him, according to Luis' Law... "no foul"
by Cheating Utd Supporting Ref October 28, 2012
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