A boy who loves with all his heart. A boy who doesn't know the word selfish or harm. A boy who will make sure that your always happy, and would go to the ends of the earth for your love. A boy who will always have your heart till the end of time.
by Cristina a.k.a crissy May 09, 2005
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In golf, a putt longer than the length of the flagstick. See also guido
Now THAT a mufughin' luigi!
by Kid Fury October 28, 2004
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the gay brother of mario from the super mario series. luigi tends to have his ass handed to him.
luigi: Itsa me! luigi!
Guy: no one cares!
by Son of Stone February 20, 2010
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1. A slang term meaning simply moustache. Named after the character from Super Mario Bros (Mario doesn't have the same ring to it).

2. "Growing a Luigi". A term for the stubble found on adoloscent boys when they attempt to grow a moustache after entering puberty.
1. Andrew: Nice Luigi you have there, Matt.

Matt: Thanks man, I trimmed it yesterday.

2. John: Tim, you growing a Luigi? At least you're trying.
by djskein November 18, 2007
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A referance to a nooblet in real life or in games, the word is originally taken from Mario's half-assed brother who tends to fail in everything, and required constant management or supervision.

The word took on a different meaning due to the actions of a certain individual, famous throughout MMO's for his love of Luigi as a nickname and his constant habit of messing things up, thus causing natural, environmental, or social crisis.A person who does not focus in a conversation and suffers an extreme lack of short-term memory as well as having the ability of blocking out certain sounds or words when it is imperative to hear them. In simpler words, a luigi is what is below the ranking of a noob in all aspects of life.Luigi is gaining in use especially among the online community.
The word can also take on a greater social meaning through the word Luigisim which is a social state where only noobs or retards are left to manage society.
*in an utter hopeless screwup*
the appropriate use of luigi would be:
"OMG, that was so luigetic"

by ToxNanVe March 19, 2008
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That guy that Mario likes to ride. He's green, but can turn blue when Mario's been on him long enough.
Mario: Hoho! *jumps on Luigi's back*
by Ninjagecko August 03, 2007
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