Mario's younger, taller brother who's fave color is green. Girlfriend is said to be Daisy of Sarasaraland.
by Princess Peach Toadstool June 06, 2003
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Although he is always upstaged by his fat brother, Mario, Luigi is obviously more skilled. He can run faster, jump higher, and doesn't eat as many pizzas. He also sucks nasty ghosts up with his trusty Poltergust 3,000. He can do all of this... and all Mario can do is shoot water at stuff with FLUDD. Luigi isn't just the most underrated Mario character, but the most underrated Nintendo character too.

In 2D platformers, Player 2 is always Luigi. Luigi has only had two games starring him: Mario Is Missing, which shunned Luigi more, it being a crappy edutainment game, and Luigi's Mansion, which was a lot better and introduced the trusty Poltergust 3,000. Both of these involved Luigi saving Mario, which shows how lucky that fat-ass is.
Mario: "Luigi! Help! The Boos are taking me away again!"

Luigi: "Too bad, you ungrateful fat-ass! And if you get back, I'll beat your sorry ass!
by The random jerk August 23, 2007
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Luigi is the younger but taller brother of Mario. In Paper Mario you can read his diary where he mentions that he is terrified of boo's and that he wants to go on his own adventure. In the sequle Paper Mario and the thousand year door his wish to have his own adventure comes true. Luigi recived a letter that says Princess Eclair of the Waffle Kingdom was Kidnapped by the evil chestnut king and that they needed his help. He has to find the seven pieces of the Marvuilse compas to find Princess Eclair. In the game you can even buy a series of books based on his adventure. When Mario talks to Luigi he tells him about how he likes Princess Eclair so Daisy is going to have to find another man.
"I hope they come out with a Paper Luigi."
"Yeah that would be fun."
by TheBlackMew September 06, 2006
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The green wonder who is better than mario, and the only reason he hasn't overshadowed mario is because nintendo won't give him many chances. Luigi's mansion is one of only two in which luigi is the star. In the later games, he has higher jumping yet less traction than mario.
The man in green, LUIGI! No pipe is too out of reach, No foe is too high to clobber!
by catagon December 03, 2008
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1: The most underrated Nintendo character, and also my favorite. He wears a green shirt with blue overalls, and a green cap with the letter 'L' on it (Although back in SMB1, he wore white with green overalls), and was underrated and overlooked until he got his own game.
2: The best character in Super Smash Bros. Melee, no doubt. Much better, in fact TIMES better than Mario in all aspects of combat, with useful smash moves and devastating aerial attacks.
It's no wonder you have to unlock Luigi, he's so damn good. Fuck Mario, let's give Luigi props for a change.
by Hand Hanzo January 22, 2005
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Added to the end of a sentence, when in a conversation with a mate and in unusual company, to secretly direct your mate's attention to approaching person(s).

LUIGI = Look Up Instantly - Girls/Guys Incoming.
mate1: did you see those two guys with the sack?
mate2: they look very suspicious, luigi
by noddy330 June 26, 2009
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The brother Mario. People seem to think he's underrated, although he has a lot of fans.
Luigi really isn't that underrated.
by MR. DOODID October 26, 2007
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