Your right-hand bro who's always got your back. Most people think that he's little more than some loser that just tags along with you, but you know that he's there to help you out.

Named after the younger brother of the famous Super Mario Brothers.
Person 1 "Dude, who invited the fricken' geek?"

Person 2 "Back off, man; he's my Luigi."
by sorrio January 22, 2011
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Luigi is generally viewed as the lesser known of the Mario Brothers who occasionally makes a cameo appearance in Mario games and rarely stars in games himself. Luigi often serves as the second player character in Mario games. However, this is not because Luigi is less capable or less popular. It is because Luigi has got more important shit to do than save his brother from turtles and dragons all the time. In fact, these is some question as to whether Mario's "enemies" actually exist or if Mario is just on a perminant acid trip. Luigi only appears in Mario games after Mario dies because Luigi is only there to bail Mario's ass out of difficult situations. Luigi actually served 10 years as a green beret in the United States Army (thus the green hat) and is capable of beating the living shit out of Mario or his foes at any given moment, but likes to see his brother sweat a little. The reason that Luigi's army status is not widely known is because most of his work has been classified, but Luigi has actually ben credited with the such infamous feats as the asination Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, thus beginning WWII.
-Hey, who do you think would win in a fight between Luigi and Vin Diesel?

-I don't know thats too tough to answer, but the one thing we do know is that they could both kick the shit out of that pussy Mario.
by Steve-o 1234321 October 09, 2006
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Luigi is the kind of guy who would message you in the middle of the night just to tell you a crazy story that happened to him on that day or just to say that he misses you. He knows the right words to say when you're feeling down and he knows when to shut up when you don't feel like talking. He's the kind of guy who would call you when he's drunk and tell you how an amazing friend you are and how he's lucky to have you. He doesn't care if you eat like a pig or if your hair is all messed up. He doesn't mind if you can't sing. Because he loves you for who you are and not for who you're not. He would stay up late for you when he knows something's wrong and will only sleep if he knows you're okay. He would sit down and play the piano if he doesn't feel like talking or just laugh at everything that's getting out of hand. He's one of a kind and if you have a Luigi in your life, you are truly lucky.
Luigi, my bestfriend and my ninja
by Ninja23 December 18, 2010
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He's a mean green fighting machine. Mario's younger and under-rated brother. Everyone thinks he's cooler than mario. He jumps higher, he's not a fatass, He sucks up ghosts with his trusty dusty polturgust 3000. All Mario can do is run a bit faster. What good is that? He's a fatass too because he's been eating too many pizzas.
"Omigosh Mario is soooo coooool!"
"Fuck Mario! He had to be rescued by his brother TWICE. What the fuck has he done for him?"
"You're right... Omigosh Luigi is soooo coooool!"

*Mario gets captured* "Help me Luigi!"
"Fuck-a-you You piece of-a-shit you a-deserve it. I'm not a-saving your ass again."
by Luigi June 19, 2006
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Always within his older brothers shadow, Luigi is always "Player #2." He likes long walks on the beach, his hat hand washed, and brutally murdering mutant turtle dragons. He'd do anything to get into the spotlight for just once.
"It's-a me, a-Luigiiiiiii!!!!!"
by Kooper113 August 30, 2003
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Mario's younger, taller brother who's fave color is green. Girlfriend is said to be Daisy of Sarasaraland.
by Princess Peach Toadstool June 06, 2003
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Player 2 in Mario Bros. Has since then gotten more and more personality, while Mario seems to have none.
"Dude, Luigi should get to be in the spotlight more! He's taller and can jump higher!"
by Fredde September 07, 2004
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