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The better yet always ignored of the Mario brothers. He's obviously better, I mean, come on, his brother had to be saved by "scaredy-cat" and the supposedly weak Luigi!
"Thank you, Luigi!" "Finally, peaople see that I'M the star!"
by SSG June 16, 2004
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A pimp-ass motherfucker who always gets outstaged by his short, fat brother, Mario
Luigi's gonna cap Mario's ass one day!
by Anonymous September 12, 2003
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Luigi Mario is the youngest of the 2. He spouts amazing amounts of attacks. He can run faster and jump higher then Mario. But due to his proness to fear and being quite shy, he isn't really great on adventuring. Many people think that it means Luigi is jealous of Mario, but that's not true. Luigi enjoys taking small jobs like cleaning the house and ACTUAL plumbing jobs.
"Hey Luigi, Can you handle the plumbing jobs that come from when I leave? I'm gonna sign autographs."
by Luigifan12 July 02, 2004
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A really cool guy who doesn't get as much attention and/or fans as his brother, Mario. Taller and slimmer than Mario, and dresses in green.
Luigi will kick Mario's sorry ass one day.
by Atomic Chainsaw November 27, 2003
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Marios younger brother. Its pretty sad, because in the mario and luigi game on gameboy, when people see you they say "WOW!! Its mario and green dude!!". Often underestimated as a sidekick to mario but is actually better. He is not as fat, can jump way higher, and is much faster. He finally got recognized as a main characyer in the game Luigi's Mansion, a title released at the time of gamecubes launch. A mario game, super mario sunshine actuallt wasnt realeased until some time later.
Player 1: Damn, Mario wont jump that gap!! Player 2: You should of used Luigi, fuckface!!
by only$19.99,less s+h December 26, 2003
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The younger brother of Nintendo's duo known as the Super Mario Bros. He is taller, wears green, and isn't as fat. Proven in Super Mario 2, he can jump higher. Starred in 2 games, 1 of which is often overlooked because he didn't have his name in the title, that was Mario Is Missing, and of course, Luigi's Mansion. Has less followers but is cool nonetheless.
Luigi is oftentimes better then Mario in most of the new games coming out.
by Oxtor4 May 03, 2004
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Oi, this guy is an underrated Italian. He's often upstaged by Mario, and needs more attention. Luigi is definately a great guy. He's just got a crappy job: The second fiddle to a fat Italian bastard named Mario.
Whoo!!! GO Luigi! He's definately the best!
by Lieutenant Tarpit July 10, 2004
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