A singer-songwriter with lyrics that sound forced, inconsistent mediocre songs, and she sounds like Joni Mitchell took a pretentious shit.
Lucy: I spend too much time "perfecting" my lyrics, to the point that they sound unnatural.
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by August 05, 2018
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A gorgeous, musical, sexy girl who is considerate of other's feelings and is very friendly. Means the world to me, is always there for me. Very beautiful, flirty when she wants to be and a truly awesome girlfriend. I love her so much.
1. Lucy is so sexy
2. Wish i was with her every second
3. She's mine for life
by Greeny147 November 29, 2014
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A crazy out of this world scheme that usually backfires! Inspired by Lucille Ball's crazy antics or schemes on "I Love Lucy."
My sister pulled me into a lucy, when she tricked her husband into going with us.
by ecs25858 January 01, 2011
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An incredibly beautiful soul. Sensitive, but thoughtful and generous. Amazing friend to all, although one only finds this out once they get to know Lucy. Very shy and self-conscious, although she hates this about herself and warms up to people once they show interest in a friendship. Super loyal friend and very trustworthy, and values friendship over most things. She is determined, and thrives off of cleanliness and being organised. Lucy is a sweet girl who just wants to be loved by all, and works very hard (behind the scenes) to be liked. She is very sensitive, but only because she highly values the opinions of others. You are lucky to have a Lucy as a friend. Once you show any interest in being friends with a Lucy, you will be pleasantly surprised about how much your life changes in a positive way. Don't let a Lucy down, she works way too hard to genuinely not let you down.
You will never meet someone better than a Lucy.
You would be lost without a Lucy in your life.
by queenofthefuture July 23, 2018
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If you've ever been lucky enough to meet a Lucy, you'll know that they are usually silly, forgiving, and always tend to have some sort of injury. Lucys always have sandy to light blond hair and a smile on their face. She'll say that she sounds like a dying ostrich when she sings, but she actually will probably have a really good taste in music and the courage to get up and sing in front of an audience.
Girl: Wow, who's that girl?
Girl 2: Oh, that's Lucy. You'll probably never get a chance to talk to her because there's always a group of friends around her.
Girl: Oh, well, it'll pay to have some good friends like her for a while.
Girl 2: Have fun. I wish I was a Lucy.
Girl: Me too...
by timothyofthecay June 04, 2018
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Lucy is the most amazing, caring person in the entire world. You are probably the luckiest person in the world if you are to have a girlfriend called Lucy. At first in the relationship they are shy but once you get into the relationship you will see what they are really like, freaky and love to be controlled. A Lucy normally has blonde hair and crystal sky blue eyes. You will find yourself getting lost in them forever and her smile will make everything seem like a dream. You will get caught in her little love trap and get kept there forever. She is loyal and never cheats, she will want you forever as long as you want her back, a Lucy is normally insecure but is genuine and will listen when you tell her that she is perfect. Overall a Lucy is the best type of girl and every guy should aim to have someone called Lucy in there life.
Damn i am lucky to have Lucy in my life
by fourthoffebuary May 28, 2019
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Lucy is beautiful and talented although she doesn’t always know it. She has looks that others would die for but she hates them. She has an angelic singing voice and is very artistic. She is extremely loyal and would stay up all night texting you, she would even take all the time in the world to talk you out of suicide. Having a Lucy in your life is the best thing that could happen to you, but if she is upset you probably won’t understand. She keeps her problems to herself, thinking that she could hurt others if she talks about herself too much.
Lucy is a friend that you need in your life.
Girl: who’s that girl you were talking to
Boy: that’s my girlfriend. Her name’s Lucy

Girl: she’s really pretty
Boy: i know. She so kind and helpful too
by Cash_Baker_Lover June 02, 2019
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