Every October 11th, National Rat Lucy occurs. If you want to participate, feel free to do a finger gun on your temple, then bite you lip. Bonus point if you have a short fringe
"Happy National Rat Lucy Day! "
by kazuichisouda October 10, 2021
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two poeple i love the most🐶
its like i "love" you but you replace "love" to "leo and luci"
beomgyu: "ur so hot"
me: i leo and luci you
by ig: @heeirly April 14, 2022
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A person with unexpected abilities.
The boy was a lil lucy from what the crowd had seen.
by Mr.Stuffem November 21, 2016
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When you put hot sauce and mustard on your gigantic hairy balls and slap someone in the mouth with them.
"Hey you there, I'm gonna give you a spicy lucy!"
by Popcorn856 March 11, 2014
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The act of when someone playing video games gets their bumhole stretched and then 4 BBC's are then inserted into their anus without lube
Jamal:"Hey Tyrone, wanna give Isabel The Dirty Lucy with me, Lutho and Jemaine?" Tyrone:"Absolutly I do, Isabel deserves The Dirty Lucy!"
by TestesTickler April 26, 2022
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