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In love with svetlana, he frequently gets boners thinking of her. He is the big depressed. And he is a dumb boo but he's in tag. Rip Lucas. He has to wit till 9th grade.
Have you seen Lucas Kirking?

No, he’s probably jacking off to pictures of Svet tho.
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A very depressed person who is in love with a girl that is too good for him. He doesn’t have many friends and loves peach-os. Is a see through as glass and can’t hid feelings for long.
Person 1- have you seen Lucas kirking?

Person 2- no

Person 3- no, but he is probably jerking off to pictures of svetlana
by Yëe häw April 24, 2019
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A dumbo eared stupid bitch
Still in love with svet even though he has a girlfriend

“It was just the wind” he said while he was watching her do hurdles
“Where’s Lucas Kirking?”
“Probably failing no nut November to a picture of svet
by Rat hole November 09, 2019
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