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Founded in 1865, Loyola of Los Angeles is the oldest high school in Southern California. An all male, Jesuit school, Loyola places a strong emphasis on developing the character of students, or "men for others." Loyola has been ranked as having the top all-male high school athletics program in the country by ESPN rise. The "Loyola Cubs" consistently win CIF and State championships every year in a wide variety of sports. 99% of students continue to receive a higher education, with 96% attending a 4-year college or university. Loyola's outstanding network of donors allows the school to maintain a low tuition, allowing Loyola to compete academically with schools requiring double the tuition (e.g. Harvard-Westlake), as well as allowing a high percentage of the diverse community of students to attend on scholarship. While students may be deterred by the all-male aspect of the school, it is to be noted that the students at Loyola form a "cub brotherhood" which, as they say, lasts for life. Additionally, Loyola has several sister schools whose students all compete to earn a highly coveted spot in a Loyola man's heart.
There is no other school in Southern California where a student will receive an athletic, academic, spiritual, and social experience, nearly equal to that received at Loyola.
Harvard Westlake Student: "We just lost to Loyola High School AGAIN"
Harvard Westlake Parent: "Obviously... That's the best damn school in Southern California!"
by aaayyyyy January 24, 2016
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Is a private high school in Los Angeles California that tend to spend their time on Urban Dictionary trying to insult their competition: St. Francis High School. They clearly have no lives based on their say towards St. Francis and do not deserve to be considered a private Catholic school based on their immature behavior towards the others high schools. A typical Loyola cub tends to be cocky, a douche, and gay. These "young men" also tend to be very insecure about themselves and their school and insult St. Francis as a defense to make themselves feel better. Their dances are well known to all girls and they tend to outnumber the guys at loyola. At these dances the boys are so disrespectful towards all girls and more than half stay locked up in a classroom for being caught in such inapropriate behavior. The rest either stay in a group sucking each others cocks or are too drunk that they were not allowed in. Loyola boys are convinced all girls are horny for them, but truth is once girls know what the majority of the guys are like at loyola, they go to St. Francis and find respectful, kind, desirable guys there. Sincerely, yes, group of girls
Girl #1: did you see what that this guy did to that girl?!
Girl #2: yes!!! that was so rude!! and what he said about St. Francis!!!
Girl #1: oh i know!!! well...then again, he IS from Loyola High School...
Girl #2: true...what a douche
by Girlsoflosangeles December 08, 2012
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