When you love you're best friend, things can go wrong. Things may not turn out exactly the way you wanted too, and they may not have the same feelings about you. If they find out you had feelings for you, it may ruin everything you guys had together. Memories will be forgotten, and special moments may not be so special anymore. But, keep your hed up high, things aren't the same for everyone and this may work out differently for everyone. You may just be together forever because you know each other so well.
You: So, I kind of like you, uhm, a lot.
Best friend: Oh, uhm, I don't feel the same way about you.
You: That's awesome. I feel like a moron.

You: So, I kind of like you, uhm, a lot.
Best friend: I like you, too. Actually, I love you.
You: I love you, too
Best friend: So, I geuss we're like best friends in love.

You: Well, we're loving best friends. So, yeah.
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best friends who love each other and kiss and eventualy will end up as boyfriend and girlfriend.
adriana- is it possible for two best friends to love each other?
Andres- yah
Adriana- then i guess we are loving best friends

Andres- I love you!!!
by hahah691 August 10, 2009
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when you show care and love for a friend of the same sex.
eg. friend love is when; your a girl/boy and your close (in a non-sexual way) to your friend of the same sex, as if they were your sister/brother,
by MizzM March 13, 2011
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A love between two friends or close aquatints
One friend: hey bestie i friend love you :)
Other friend: Awh i friend love you too :)
by Mr Polska December 07, 2019
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The majestic compassionate love between two best friends who are basically friends with benefits but it ain’t like that cuz we just seriously love each other in a warming friendly way.
Jayd and Gabriel have the bestest friend-love. It’s better than most actual relationships
by jaydsLover March 04, 2019
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best friend love
it's that " i can trust you with anything " ..kind of love . that " no matter what you do or don`t do, there will never be a moment when i`m not by your side .. at least in spirit " see best friend. our kind of love is the sort that movies are made of and we`re the starring roles - laughing and dancing and drinking and singing and crying - when theres no way to describe the way you love a friend - and it's not a sexual love.
best friend love needs it`s own term because of the two of us.
by alyshaa January 21, 2008
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