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haha I laugh so hard right now cause I don't know where life has brought me, you might think that love is the only thing that can bring us together and that makes us call ourselves humans, but it ain't. It's all bullshit. love might be one of the reasons, but love has many reasons, not only bringing people together but also tearing them apart. Not until now I understand why people get themselves drunk and wasted. It's not because they want to get wasted, but because they want to escape each killing moment they spent every fucking night thinking about what's happening with their damn life. Of cours they don't forget about there problems, but at least they don't spend every fucking night crying themselves to sleep. In the cruel world of love i've lerned that promises ain't contracts, kisses aren't assurance, sweet words aren't guarantees, big hugs aren't bonds, and that nothing is permenent in this life. One day he's mine and the next day he's gone. Last night he was sweet the next morning he's insensitive. Yesterday i cried, tonight , i despair, but tomorrow o'll be strong. If we all understood that everyone has there own battles to fight, insucurities to face, love to contend an goals to attain, the worls would be a gentle place.The thing about an eye for an eye makes us everybody blind. It's never the tears that mesure the pain, sometimes it's the smile we fake.
This ain't anger or sadness that comes out of me, it's the way we treat ourselves when we get brought down by someone, we need to look at ourselves and realise that we are use to shit like this, that people walk in and out of our lives everyday so don't tripp and fal. You might fallen seven times but promes yourself that you will stand up on your eight. Cause If you are going to let love bring you down than you better of staying on the grownd, cause you know what? its's love= fuck this shit!
by kristina butros June 02, 2011
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