‘I love you’ is a statement that is abused by many. ‘I love you’ means accepting a person for who they are and not wanting to change them. Caring for them. Standing by their side through easy and hard times. Keeping their deep secrets. having trust, loyalty, and honesty. Most importantly Empathy. If you actually love a person you would actually take your time to spell it out not Abbreviating it. ‘Ily’ ‘I luv u’ ‘I love u’ I wuv u’ etc... all don’t mean shit. ‘I love you’ is the ONLY way to say it to a person you truly love. You can take 5 seconds to Spell it out other wise your just wasting the others persons time.
This also goes for saying ‘I love you too’.
‘I luv u 2’ ‘ily2’ ‘I love you 2’ ‘I wuv u 2’ etc... Also don’t mean shit ‘I love you too’ is the ONLY way to say it back.
Girlfriend: I love you Johnny.
Boyfriend: I love you too Cheryl.
by Anonymous843 May 20, 2018
when you love someone tost you love them “too” && “most”. when you argue with your friend this a very common thing. this practically means this person means the world to you and you’re so grateful for their existence.
CAROLINE:: i love you more ellie
ELLIE:: no, i love you more
CAROLINE:: i love you tost
by loveyou1280 December 22, 2019
The phrase someone close to you says before they point out a flaw, something you did or are currently doing wrong, a mistake you made, something embarrassing, or something just flat out mean. This phrase is mostly used by parents and spouses, not so much by close friends and non-immediate family members.
Example 1

Mom: Jerry, you know I love you, but you did a really shitty job at sweeping the kitchen floor.

Jerry: Ugh you always say that before you yell at me for something stupid.

Dad: Allan, you know I love you, but that haircut you got today makes you look very homosexual.

Allan: Wow thanks.
by patriotsaaron0218 January 29, 2011
a term that can be used for both romantic and platonic relationships
“You’re my brother, I love you.” -Keith Kogane, to his older brother/mentor, Shiro.
by Yoranceiscanonking June 26, 2018
Perhaps the hardest thing to tell the ones you really love. It's easy to tell someone you love them or hate them etc. jokingly but when you REALLY mean it they can be the hardest, and truest words you will ever say.
Guy: I love you so much!
Girl: (hardest, but truest words ever said) I love you too!!!!!

* ephipany you actually know you both REALLY mean it<3
by Inlovewithyou<3 August 20, 2007
3 words that should never be said to someone unless you mean it. because sometimes people believe it when you dont mean it. and you break hearts.
Steve:i love you allison
Allison:i love you too steve
later that night
steve:o kelly lets have sex
kelly:what about allison
Steve: o her were over.
next day
Steve: o hey allison i love you baby.
by Allyyyyyyyy April 28, 2005