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A love slut is someone who continuously says the phrase "I love you" or "I love this"
Much like the term slut; a sexually promiscuous person, usually female. A love slut will toss the word love around rather then their body like it has no value.
Oh wow she's such a love slut

She just said that to me too. What a love slut
by Machika February 18, 2009
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Someone that has slightly too much sex with slightly too many people, but that is a wonderfully nice, sweet, and just an all-around good person outside of their sex life.

Opposite definition of a bitch slut.

A love slut is someone who you don't really want to label a slut because she's such a good friend and you love her. She just enjoys sex frequently.
My friend is a loveable slut. She's a love slut!
by Theloveslut'sfriend November 30, 2013
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