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Slang Term : for vagina

Descripition: a pocket in which you make sweet love in
As that sweet mexican juan shoved his dick into her pussy she screamed O YA FUCK MY LOVE POCKET U STUPID BITCH. And he replied No comprende
by Noahwashere December 17, 2006
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The female genitalia cooter, slit, or gash
positive term
Her love pocket leaked all down her legs
by Dereck montegomery September 25, 2003
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An alternative to a standard Fifi that is a construct of the remaining slices (2 minimum) of a dominos 13" Vegetarian pizza fashioned together to make an orifice. It has been noted that depending on the crust, it is possible to make differing lovepockets that can accurately represent a range of races.
Man, I'm horny as Ruddi in Mothercare. Thank fuck ive got some pizza left to make a lovepocket to eleviate the symptoms of my impending self physical-love.
by Veeeeeeeeeeee May 18, 2008
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