A person who is always there for you! Who you can rely on. Their not bf or gf but they have the connection to be one to you. They are always happy and bubbly and are never upset.
Love Monkey1: Ohhh I am soo happy
Love Monkey2: Ohh soo am I
Love Monkey3: Im upset....
Love Monkey1&2: Whats wrong??!!??
Love Monkey3: I feel sick
Love Monkey1&2: Aww its ok we will take you to the hospital!
by savvygomanu801 October 14, 2011
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monkey of love; friend who spreads happiness and joy to their fellow love monkey and makes them laugh and enjoys their company when they're down in the dumps.AND does not need to have romantically emotional attachments.a love monkey and a gf/bf do not have to be the same person, but they could be.
girl 1- hey, did you know louis is my love monkey?
girl 2- but isnt phillip your boyfriend?
girl 1- yah... but a love monkey and a boyfriend are two seperate things! damn, your stupid.
by to the woah May 14, 2005
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a person who swings from one relationship to the next; can't break up with one person until they've found their next relationship.
Chad has never been single. He's such a love monkey.
by carlmdc January 12, 2011
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a person who will do everything and anything for love
even if it means someones life is being taken away
" Get me Lola Provetts body at once you love-monkey"
(only an example)
by h of awesomeness May 28, 2011
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