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Getting any kind of hot sauce on or in a vagina, which, interestingly, makes the pussy wetter even though it burns. You could also have hot sauce or buffalo wing sauce residue on your fingers or in your mouth and then you finger or go down on a woman, making her pussy burn.
My booty call came over last night after I ate nuclear wings, and I gave her a Louisiana taco by fingering her before washing off my hands. Her snatch burned, but she was wetter than a nun in a cucumber patch. Next time I’ll just douse her pussy with Tabasco instead of lube and pound away.
by tonymarc March 03, 2011
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when a guy shits in a girls pussy then eats her out.
guy 1: i gave that bitch a louisiana taco last night.
guy 2: i know you gotta little left on your mustache.
by Billy Bones91 September 24, 2007
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