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When you go down on a chick who has crabs. Lots and lots of crabs.
Keith: How did it go with that skank from the bar last night?

Shane: It was going great until I realized I had been given a Louisiana lunch box, now my beard is full of fucking crabs!
by Larry Fromish December 11, 2015
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This grotesque act takes place when two individuals decide to gorge themselves with insane amounts of flaming hot cajun food. When both parties first discover signs of warning, and are ready to extract all this hot garbage, they arm eachother with straws, maneuver themselves into the 69 position and proceed to insert the straws into eachothers o-ring. As they simultaneously blast out this fire of filth, the two slurp it down like one would devour a triple thick milkshake. DELICIOUS!!!!!
Jacob and his girlfriend are huge fans of fiery hot cajun shrimp gumbo, and both have an insatiable fetish for poo. As kinky as the two are, Jacob suggested they experience the best of both worlds, by performing a Louisiana Lunch Box on eachother.
by chesthairandy September 29, 2009
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