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A delicious seafood creation any young lady will enjoy. First you have sex with your lady while she is on her period. Make sure to plug the vagina vigorously as to maximize the amount of blood flow from the vagina. Then pull out and allow the blood to dry for approx 10-15 minutes. By now your weiner will have gone flacid again. Now, get an erection again the dried blood will crack throughout your penis shaft looking like a "lobster tail". Finally have your girl whip out a seafood neck napkin and start sucking down on this delicious cajan treat.
Susie: Is tonight really seafood night???

Dave: Sure fucking is!

Susie: Good thing I'm on my period!!!

Dave: That was great, give me 10-15 minutes and I'll have this Louisiana Lobster Tail ready for you.
by Kowboydave September 13, 2009
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