The act of taking a shit into a womans vagina then wrapping it closed with saran wrap until you are sure its stuck in there. After that wait up to 3 weeks take the saran wrap off and eat the woman out.

Whether or not this is possible or not is still questioned.
Wow Beth's Vagina smells terrible ever since she had Louisiana leftovers with Jon
by Pigglet March 14, 2008
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When you shit in a girl's vagina and then wrap saran wrap around it very tightly. After three weeks you take the saran wrap off and eat the girl out.
"Have you ever tried mung?"

"Dude, that's nothing in comparison to louisiana leftovers."
by My nigga bovice! March 14, 2008
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A Louisiana leftover is when someone takes a crap inside a woman's vagina, puts saran rap over it and lets it ferment for a few months. They then proceed to eat the turd that was festering inside her.
by 8=====>---- February 7, 2009
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