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While in the act of sex from the doggy-style position, the male reaches around and grabs the arms of the female out from under her, pulling them to her body, he then pushes her face around on the carpet like he is mowing the lawn.
Oh that feels so good! - Chick

Oh does it? How about this!? Louisiana Lawnmower Bitch! -Guy

*Drags her face about the carpet*
by Ryan2108 May 01, 2008
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Cumming all over a hairy chest then eating the cum by combing the hairy chest with your teeth
Mark gave me a Louisiana lawnmower the other night and for a second I thought I was gay.
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by kadoodles April 20, 2018
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With your partner on their hands and knees, a string of anal beads is then inserted into their anus.

The beads are then ripped out using a motion like using the pullstart on a lawn mower.

They then proceed to make lawnmower noises while trimming your pubes with their teeth.
My bush was getting out of control so we opted for the Louisiana Lawn Mower
by Dale_lifts June 07, 2019
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After you're done fuckin your girl, you shit on her pubes or vice versa and use it as shaving cream and shave them off.
Dude, after I nailed Judy i totally gave her a huge louisiana lawnmower
by Shullit May 11, 2008
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