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He is the Sassmaster from the diamond studded land of Doncaster. And if you give that bitch a carrot he will turn around and slap with with his Gucci handbag and make you look at his Kardashian ass as he sashays away. And we all know he could've worked the Pussy Magnet.
Louis Tomlinson? He doesn't need an example, because every bitch knows who he is.
by Ahtnamas Dnalevelc June 26, 2012
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One fifth of the widely popular British boyband One Direction. The band was created by Simon Cowell and competed in the 2010 season of X Factor. Louis Tomlinson is known as the cute funny one as he is always cracking a joke and making fans laugh, particularly in the band's video diaries. His signature outfit is espadrilles, rolled up pants, and a scarf. Louis is also known for his "bromance" with bandmate Harry Styles.
Fan 1: Omg I love Louis! Did you see him in this week's video diary?
Fan 2: I love him too! He's hilarious! I even bought carrots for him!
Fan 3: Are you talke about Louis Tomlinson? That boy is fit!
by louistomlinsonsfan December 30, 2010
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A member of the widely popular boyband "One Direction". Louis is most often seen wearing either red cargo pants and a blue/white striped shirt or red pumps with fishnet stockings and a tight black dress that really accentuates his curves. Louis is the sassiest and by far the most fabulous out of the band. He is one of the fan favorites. You better hide yo ass if you badmouth him because he will find you. Everyone loves Louis.
Friend: Is that Louis Tomlinson?
You: Must be. Look at his bodacious bottom!
Friend: And those fabulous heels!
You: Ugh. I love him so much!
by tomlingimmesome June 28, 2012
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1/5 of One Direction, likes girls who eats carrots, gives people SHOUTOUTSSSS, is superman, and tells what Jimmy protested. He is one hilarious, hot, sweet, random, and all around amazing, muddafuckaa.
Louis Tomlinson doesn't need an example because he's too amazing. K.
by DirectionersRunIt November 27, 2011
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the smol one from one direction. he refuses to admit that he's in fact gay af and his heart belongs to harry styles. he's a cute bean smol kitten hedgehog. he has the voice of an angel and is a very nice lad although he is rather sassy as well
harry styles: look at louis tomlinson thats my husband isnt he pretty look at him sing hes so pretty
by im hungry lol August 30, 2016
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Louis tomlinson us the amazingly beautiful, hilarious one in one direction from doncaster. He has a bromance with harry styles (larry stylinson.) hes always making people laugh and is famous for things like'i like girls who eat carrots' and 'derrrrrrence' <3 swag masta from doncasta, bare wafflecakes man!<3 if you liked that, dont come back!
friend: *munching on a carrot*
you: Louis Tomlinson is gunna like you;D
by 1D<3 January 12, 2012
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One of the boys of one direction. He believes he is a song, as seen in one of their video diaries. Also that he is superman. He has mentioned that he likes girls who are interested in carrots and says that since he said that, he has received many carrots. Now he says he has a keen interest in girls who like Lamborghinis. He enjoys dancing, especially his famous "stop he traffic, let em through" and his "which way we gonna go, oh there we go" dance moves. He is very attractive as well and you should love him.
Louis Tomlinson-it's a D, an E, an R, an R, an R, an R
Person on phone-How many R's are there?
by Waitingformyprincecharming April 08, 2012
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