One of the world's greatest comedians. He is the world's greatest comedian and if you don't agree, then you have no sense of humor. He makes the funniest jokes and we can all relate to them, well, most of them ;)
guy 1 : "Dewd, i just saw dane cook at the theatre last friday and he was hysterical!!!!"
guy 2: "Louis C.K. is way better.This is why they say don't drink while pregnant"

guy 1: "your retarded. Dane cook rules."

guy 2: "if you had a sense of humor and a brain, which you obviously don't, you'd realize how dumb you sound. Louis C.K. is much better. go away."
by urb15 February 24, 2009
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(verb) to completely strip naked in front of a woman and start masturbating
Can you believe what Nathan did? He Louis C.K.’d Maggie and she didn’t say anything about it for 10 years.
by jerseymike99 November 10, 2017
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